RedCamper Preserves 9oz
RedCamper Preserves 9oz
RedCamper Preserves 9oz
RedCamper Preserves 9oz
RedCamper Preserves 9oz
RedCamper Preserves 9oz
RedCamper Preserves 9oz
RedCamper Preserves 9oz
RedCamper Preserves 9oz

RedCamper Preserves 9oz

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Tradition. Mixed up. 

With roots in classic jams, jellies, preserves, marmalades, and fruit spreads, Red Camper takes things to a new culinary level. 

These 9oz jars (12 servings of 1 Tbsp each) are perfect for home use! Spread them on on toast, top ice cream, rub it on meat, mix it up in yogurt. The possibilities are endless. 

Colorado Whiskey Peach is the signature and original flavor from a 15 year process of recipe perfection and the most popular flavor. Sweet, sweet peaches from Colorado are perfected with bourbon whiskey and Madagascar vanilla. 

Ingredients: Fresh peaches, a strong pour of Laws Whiskey, fresh squeezed lime juice, freshly minced Madagascar Vanilla bean, heaps of pure cane sugar, a bit of pectin and a dash of Almond Extract

Strawberry Limoncello starts with strawberries and crushed black pepper, some freshness from garden basil, and a dash of homemade deeply infused limoncello.

Ingredients: Strawberries, Organic CapRock Vodka, lemon zest and juices, black pepper, pure cane sugar, and basil.

Campfire Apple Rum delivers a toasty, earthy, warm feeling to your belly. A savory/sweet jam with nutmeg, brown sugar, rum and dark roasted coffee beans. All that richness compliments the bright crisp organic Colorado apples.

Ingredients: organic apples from First Fruits, pure cane white & brown sugar, Bear Creek Distillery Rum, nutmeg, ground roasted Huckleberry Coffee beans, and fresh squeezed lemon juice

Absinthe Orange is a new take on the traditional Orange Marmalade. A mix of fresh organic oranges & lemons, fresh anise, sustainably ethically raised Madagascar vanilla, and Absinthe Verte.

Ingredients: Californian grown ORGANIC oranges and lemons, Colorado award winning small batch distiller Leopold Brothers' Absinthe Verte, fresh Madagascar Vanilla bean, whole Anise Seed, pure cane sugar, non GMO pectin and fresh Colorado water.

Tequila Jalapeno is the first pepper jam from Red Camper. Using fresh jalapeños (and yes 100% jalapeños, no green peppers) fresh limes and oranges, tequila, 100% cane sugar and non-gmo pectin and a tiny bit of sea salt its the perfect pepper jam. Sweet with a long slow burn. 

Ingredients: Jalapeños, fresh lime juice & zest, Boulder, CO based Suerte Tequila, pure cane sugar, non GMO pectin, fresh orange juice & sea salt.

Desert Blueberry Gin
takes the best notes of blueberry and kicked it up a notch with deserty smoked salt, sage, juniper berry and gin. The combo is sweet, savory, punchy and deep. 

Ingredients: blueberries, Colorado award winning small batch distiller Leopold Brothers' Gin, fresh ground juniper berry, fresh sage, pure cane sugar, lime juice/zest, non GMO pectin and smoked salt.

Cherry Fig Mostarda is the perfect charcuterie board pairing. This beautiful, savory, chunky mix is made from dried figs and cherries that are slow cooked cider. Organic mustard powder and two kinds of organic mustard seeds are added with fresh cracked black pepper and organic red pepper flakes. Finishing out the spice additions are cacao nibs for an unexpected chocolately bite. 

Ingredients: USA grown figs* and montmorency cherries*, Stem Ciders Real Dry cider, yellow mustard powder*, yellow and brown mustard seed*, cane sugar*, Cultura Chocolates cacao nibs, red pepper flake* and freshly ground black pepper. *ORGANIC


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