How to Start Your Own Small Shop with Us

Become A Vendor

Hello and thanks for checking out Curate Mercantile!

We’re honored you would consider us as a venue for selling your product and growing your small business. Since our conception in 2013, we’ve been dedicated to offering a storefront for more than 100 local vendors to sell their unique products!

Conveniently located in Centennial just off C-470l, our customers come from Parker, Castle Rock, Greenwood Village, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and beyond, just to shop our store!

There are many perks to being a part of Curate Mercantile!  Here is what we offer:

  • Trained sales staff (you do not have to work!)
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Competitive rental pricing
  • Growing customer base
  • Central and accessible location
  • Carefully selected vendors
  • Quality products
  • Quarterly shopping events (Holiday Open House, etc.)
  • Special weekend food pop-up events
  • Online Real-Time Vendor Portal
  • Price tag printing included
  • Strategically organized spaces
  • Opportunities for training and education

Our Process

We’re picky! And we have good reason to be! We’re consistently voted as one of the best gift shops in the area. We carefully chose the vendors we accept in the store to meet the needs of our shoppers, offer variety, and showcase merchandise in a very tasteful way! We are on a waitlist for space in our store, so your application will be placed in a queue until we have openings.

The first step to becoming a vendor is submitting an application. The application is easy to fill out and answers important questions that help us understand your business and your product.

Once you’ve submitted your application, we will file it for review. If we decide to move forward with your application, we will contact you to set up an appointment. During the appointment, we will discuss the space available for your product, the pricing, and the contract details. We do not share these specifics any time before the appointment.

Our vendors are selected based on space availability and appropriate product fit for the store. We work hard to curate a store with products and small shops that fit the demands of our customers and local demographic. Unfortunately, this means not every applicant will be accepted. Additionally, we are currently on a waitlist for many product categories, however all applications are saved in our system. If you do not hear from us immediately, you may still hear from us in the future.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application!

Frequently Asked Vendor Questions

The first step in our process is to fill out our vendor application below.

After you submit your application, you will receive an automated response notifying you that we received your application. If this doesn’t arrive in your inbox within 10 minutes, check your spam folder. This email is confirmation that we received your application and it has been filed for review.

First, make sure your pictures are the correct file size. There is a link on the application that can help you do this. If you do this and your application still does not send, you can send the requested information to

Applications are reviewed based on available openings, which may be immediately, 6 months from now, or 12 months from now.  If your product is a great match for Curate Mercantile, we will contact you when we have the appropriate opening.

We will contact you if we decide to move forward with your application and set up a personal meeting. If you haven’t heard from us, it could mean one of several things: your product may not be the best fit for Curate Mercantile, or your product may not be the right fit for our store at the present moment, or we may not currently have the proper space available for your product.

We are on a waitlist, however space availability is always changing, and each space is designed for a specific type of product. We work to place vendors strategically within the store for the benefit of both vendors and shoppers. Only once we’ve reviewed an application and set up an appointment to move forward will we disclose the spaces that are a good match for a specific vendor and product.

Vendors pay a monthly rent, as well as, a small commission fee. Pricing varies throughout the store depending on the size and location of the space. Only once we’ve reviewed an application and set up an appointment to move forward will we disclose the pricing on the spaces that are a good match.

Yes, the store keeps a small commission in addition to the monthly rent payment. This commission pays for things like the trained staff, advertising, and the materials necessary to operate the front desk and sell vendors’ products.

The initial commitment required is 6 months, and then continues on a month-to-month basis.

Vendors are required to abide by their contracts, manage an attractive appearance of their booth space, engage in communication with the staff when necessary, and take responsibility for their product and sales.

No, vendors are not required (or ever expected) to work the registers because we have trained staff who work the floor and manage the sales at the register. Our philosophy behind this is three fold:

  • Offering higher quality customer service to our shoppers by improving product knowledge and communication among workers, customers, and vendors
  • Creating a friendly vendor environment by eliminating unnecessary competition and gossip
  • Allowing vendors the necessary time to focus on what they love doing: making awesome product and creating gorgeous displays to sell their product

Each space is separated for vendors to create and personalize to their own liking (within limits). If you have a business partner you’d like to work with, please include this information on your application so we can review both products and styles.

Out of fairness to our brick and mortar vendors who rent on a monthly basis, we do not accept vendors on an event-only basis. Our special events are designed to promote the sales of existing vendors and increase customer traffic during and after the event, which benefits our existing vendors throughout the month. We do host special food-centric pop-up events on the weekends. If you apply with us as a food vendor, we may reach out to you for a 2 hour pop-up event if we believe you are well-suited for this type of sales.

Thank you for your interest in opening a small shop with us!
Please review our Vendor FAQ (above) in advance of submitting this form. By submitting an application, you’re joining our waitlist and your application will be saved in our database.

You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been received. We save all applications in our database. If your business is a fit for our store and we have available space, we will reach out to you!