Colorado Small Businesses Getting Creative To Stay Alive

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) - As the coronavirus outbreak continues to take a toll on small businesses, some local companies are getting creative to stay afloat.

Karli Millspaugh, the owner of the Curate gift shop in Centennial, which sells homemade goods from 150 local vendors, said she had to reinvent her business model.

"We rely on foot traffic, we're not an online business," explained Millspaugh. "So, basically, everything came to a screeching halt."

She came up with the idea of selling curated care packages that customers can order online.


"We shop for each box individually based on the recipient, and then it goes to our shipping and packaging area, and then we have shipping labels that we print off, and then we get them to the post office," Millspaugh said.


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